Stress with Triangular Transactions

Price list (Single-user-licences & Site-licence):

Currently, 3 chain transaction calculators are available for selection:

  • Chain Transaction Calculator Germany (
    Full translation of the chain transaction examples of the German-language chain transaction calculator Germany (Reihengeschäftrechner Deutschland) but without translations of the excerpts of laws and guidelines.
    €   80,- Single-user licence (basic version) per year and computer (The B2C examples where the last customer is a private individual are not included in the basic version)
    € 130,- Single-user licence Plus (full version) incl. personalized print version per year and computer
    € 360,- Site licence incl. personalized print version per year

  • Reihengeschäftrechner Deutschland (
    with several thousand chain transaction examples according to German legal status
    €   50,- Single-user licence (basic version) per year and computer
    € 100,- Single-user licence Plus (full version) per year and computer
    € 225,- Site licence per year

  • Reihengeschäftrechner Österreich (
    with several thousand chain transactions examples according to Austrian legal status
    €   50,- Single-user licence (basic version) per year and computer
    € 100,- Single-user licence Plus (full version) per year and computer
    € 225,- Site licence per year

    The Single-user licence entitles you to access the chain transaction calculator on one computer (access by the same user using the same computer and the same browser) for all B2B examples.

    The Single-user licence Plus also includes the tool "personalized print version". This means that three member states and one third country can be replaced by a large number of other countries (196 states).
    The Plus licence also includes access to the B2C chain transactions, taking into account the legal situation applicable since 1.7.2021 regarding distance sales, EU-OSS and IOSS (see sample pages Chain Transaction-4 and Chain Transaction-5).

    The Site Licence can be used from any number of computers/tablets/smartphones located at one site (5 computers can be logged in at the same time). This licence is therefore also suitable as a terminal server licence. The site licences not only contain all the functions of the Plus licence, but any additional functions available in the future are also automatically activated (at no extra charge).

Price list (Combined-licences):

  • Sliding scale discounts:
    10 % as from 5 licences
    20 % as from 10 licences
    Site licenses are counted like 5 single-user licenses and already contain the discount of 10% valid for 5 licenses (€ 225,- instead of € 250,- or € 360,- instead of € 400,-).
    Sliding scaled discounts also apply when you combine different licences:

  • How to order a combination licence:
    Please register for the purchase of the first licence on one of the offered German language or English language chain transaction calculators, depending on whether you require the invoice and e-mail communication in German or English language. Thereafter, please order the required additional licences via e-mail. Upon order of additional licences within 7 days after registration, you will receive a credit voucher for the invoice already issued and a new invoice for all licences ordered. For later orders, the invoice for the first licence remains valid and the additional licences are invoiced separately (prices charged at an aliquot price for the remaining contract period of the first licence).

  • Via the following links you will directly reach the respective registration pages:

Information contained in chain transaction calculators:

  • Alternative examples when using a different VAT identification number
  • Detailed explanation if the assignment of dispatch/transport shifts (Quick Fixes)
  • Invoicing: Required information in the invoice in connection with a tax exemption
  • Detailed descriptions (from the perspective of each entrepreneur)
    incl. registration obligations, VAT return, Import VAT, EC Sales List, Intrastat SD
  • Access to the archive with the examples according to the old legal situation (until 31.12.2019)
  • Notes: Concerning double acquisition, different debtor of Import VAT
  • B2C chain transactions with the notes on the new legal situation from 1.7.2021 regarding the EU-OSS and IOSS One-Stop-Shops (Single-user licence Plus)
    see sample pages Chain Transaction-4 and Chain Transaction-5
  • Print version with almost 4,000 examples (Single-user licence - basic version)
  • Personalized print version with several 100 million examples (Single-user licence Plus)
    The desired countries can be selected from a list of 196 states!
  • Word-File: Additionally, the chain transactions are available as (editable) Word files for downloading. These essentially correspond to the print version (incl. sketch to the current legal situation) without ©-marking and should facilitate the work of tax consultants by allowing them to use this file as a basis for their own chain transaction assessments.
A detailed description can be found on the Help page or in subsequent sample pages:
Chain Transaction-1, Chain Transaction-2, Chain Transaction-3

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