Effective from: 01.07.2023

Applicable to the following websites:

Cookies are small files that make it possible to store user-related information on the visitor’s computer. Analytics Cookies help us to understand more about the visitors to our website, including the number of visitors, number of visits and make the browsing experience more efficient and enjoyable for users.


1. We use the following cookies

  • Session cookies: These are cookies stored in temporary memory, which are deleted when the visitor ends the browser session.

  • Persistent cookies: These are cookies that record information about visitors who repeatedly visit our website. The purpose of using these cookies is to offer an optimal user experience and to recognise visitors when they return to the website and to present an attractive website and interesting content to returning visitors.

  • First-party cookies: The next time a user accesses this website from the same device, the cookie and the information stored in it is only sent back to the site that generated it (first-party cookie).


2. Legal basis for using cookies and revoking consent

In terms of the legal basis, we distinguish between (1) essential cookies and (2) cookies requiring consent.

  • Essential cookies

Cookie name



Expiry date

PHPSESSID Blühberger This session cookie stores information that facilitates navigation and usability when you are visiting the site. End of the session
reihengeschaeft_logindata Blühberger This cookie is set as soon as you log in and allows access to the paid pages using the access code stored in the cookie and the user ID. If you visit the website again before the expiry date of the cookie, you will be automatically logged in. 12 months
reihengeschaeft_replace Blühberger This cookie is set as soon as you use the "Personalized print version" function and enter your desired countries. The countries stored in the cookie are used to generate the personalized print versions. 12 month



  • Cookies requiring consent

Since this cookie policy came into force, no more cookies requiring consent have been stored.

3. Manage and delete cookies

You can use our services without cookies. You can disable the storage of cookies in your browser, limit the storage to specific websites, or adjust your browser (Chrome, IE, Firefox...) to notify you as soon as a cookie is stored.

You can delete cookies from the hard disk of your PC at any time. Please note, however, that in this case, it may affect the way the website is displayed and your user experience.