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Chain Transaction Calculator Germany 2023:

Select the countries participating in the chain transaction in the sequence of the invoicing path:

Country of the 1st entrepreneur: GermanyAustriaFrancePolandSwitzerland
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Country of the 2nd entrepreneur:GermanyAustriaFrancePolandSwitzerland
Country of the 3rd entrepreneur:GermanyAustriaFrancePolandSwitzerland
Country of the last purchaser P4:GermanyAustriaFrancePolandSwitzerland
Initiator of the transport:2nd entrepreneur3rd entrepreneurlast purchaser
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Chain Transaction Calculator Germany / Dispatch by E1 to an individual (PL-FR-PL-CH)


A privat individual P4 from Switzerland (= last purchaser) orders a machine from his Polish supplier E3 (=2nd purchaser). The latter in turn orders the machine from the French wholesaler E2 (=1st purchaser). Since the wholesaler E2 does not have the machine in stock, he orders it from the Polish manufacturer E1 (=first supplier) and instructs him to dispatch the machine directly to the individual P4 to Switzerland.

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