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Paid access to the Chain Transaction Calculator (from EUR 80,-/year):

If you register in the chain transaction calculator, you will get access to almost 4,000 evaluations of chain transactions (and triangular transactions) and with a Plus licence even to 8,000 examples. In addition to the sketches included in the free version, you get access to:
  • Registration obligations: Which supply is taxable in which country and who has to register where
  • Invoicing: Required information in the invoice in connection with a tax exemption
  • Alternative examples when using a different VAT identification number
  • Quick Fixes: Detailed explanation in case of shift of the exempt supply
  • Detailed descriptions (from the perspective of each individual entrepreneur)
    incl. reporting obligations in VAT return, EC-Sales List and Intrastat as well as notes to import VAT
  • Word-Files (editable) including sketch

  • With a PLus- or Site licence you also get access to:
    • B2C chain transactions with the notes on the new legal situation from 1.7.2021 regarding the EU‑OSS and IOSS One-Stop-Shops (see Sample page B2C-Example)
    • Personalized print version with several 100 million examples
      The desired countries can be selected from a list of 196 states!
A detailed description can be found on the help page and the scope of the analyses can be seen in the following sample pages:
IC-Supply, Triangular Transaction, Import, Export
Price List In the price list you will find information about the different licence models and scale discounts as well as links to other chain transaction calculators.
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