Stress with Chain Transactions

Chain Transaction Calculator Germany 2023:

Select the countries participating in the chain transaction in the sequence of the invoicing path. For the evaluation of a chain transaction, you must also select which one of the entrepreneurs arranges the transport. The result appears immediately after this selection. You can always change the already selected countries via the input screen.

Country of the 1st entrepreneur: GermanyAustriaFrancePolandSwitzerland
HelpNew Selection
No 4th Country
Country of the 2nd entrepreneur:GermanyAustriaFrancePolandSwitzerland
Country of the 3rd entrepreneur:GermanyAustriaFrancePolandSwitzerland
Country of the 4th entrepreneur:GermanyAustriaFrancePolandSwitzerland
Initiator of the transport:E1E2E3E4
Select above the country of the 4th entrepreneur:      
1st purchaser
2nd purchaser
first supplier
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Operating note:

The greyed-out buttons (B2C, Print version and Old legal situation) become active as soon as a chain transaction has been selected completely (i.e. incl. Initiator of the transport). From this point on, the button Other countries is also available, which can be used to select the desired countries for the personalized print version. The Help button takes you to a detailed instruction manual and description of the chain transaction calculator. Further topics and FAQs can be found in the Sitemap.

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