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Information for registered users

1) Logout Info

There is no logout function in the serial business calculator!

Single-user licence users:
Users with a single-user licence normally only need to log in once and remain permanently logged in.
This is intended and a repeated log-in is even an indication for the use on several computers or browsers. This is not permitted according to the usage contract and can lead to subsequent billing. More detailed information on this can be found in the Usage Contract under point 5).
A change on the day of registration and one change per year is, however, tolerated.

Site licence users:

Users with a site license can log in from any number of computers at your site and use up to 5 accesses simultaneously. Here, there is an automatic logout function on the server side: As soon as a 6. user logs in, the 1. user automatically logged out. If this should be perceived as disturbing, additional users can be created (see user administration)

2) E-mail addresses

In the course of registration (ordering a licence) 2 e-mail addresses can be stored:
  • E-mail address of the purchaser (= main e-mail address)
  • Invoice email address
If an invoice email address is provided during the ordering process, invoices (and reminders) will be sent to this address. If no entry is made, they will be sent to the main email address.
A subsequent change of the e-mail addresses or an entry of an invoice email address is possible at any time, but must be requested by email.

3) User administration (site licence)

When ordering a site licence that technically has 5 accesses, the same access data applies to all 5 accesses. I. e. the username is the main email address and the password is the one chosen during registration.

This default configuration is usually used in conjunction with a generic e-mail address (e.g. and thus saves the effort of making changes when employees change.

Alternatively, up to 4 additional e-mail addresses can be stored as user names in a site licence. For each of the additional e-mail addresses, there is then a personal access with a separate password (the first time you log in, you must therefore use the password forgotten function). If less than 4 additional e-mail addresses are deposited, the access data of the main e-mail address will be valid for the remaining accesses.
If you want to make use of this configuration option, please send me the additional e-mail addresses by e-mail.

However, it should be noted that general information (such as information on updates and new functions of the chain transaction calculator, changes in the law, legal information) are sent exclusively to the main e-mail address.

4) Sample Pages

If you have not yet registered, you will find links to the sample pages below. On these 19 sample pages you will see the complete content that you would see as a registered user (except the Word files):

If you like these pages, I look forward to your registration.

Further help pages can be found in the Sitemap.

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